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Wellness Lab - Recipe content creation

For this exciting project, I had the wonderful opportunity to produce recipe content creation which included photography and recipe reels for Wellness Lab, showcasing the fantastic collagen products. Everything happened remotely – the products were sent to me, and I kept in touch with Wellness Lab's director Elin, throughout, sending her test shots for her valuable input.

The brief was all about capturing still photography that really highlighted the product packaging and presented the mouthwatering final recipes. Plus, we whipped up recipe reels for each of the flavours. It was a great day of productivity, with plenty of prep beforehand gathering ingredients, sourcing props and planning out the perfect styling.

Throughout the shoot, I made sure to document every step of the recipe process and capture those final, stunning images. Once shooting is over, then onto the editing! I fine-tuned the imagery, giving it that extra polish with some light cleanup along with the packshot editing which is a bit more involved, not to mention piecing together those captivating recipe reels. Once everything was ready, I sent the content over, ready to upload online and share across socials.

Recipe content creation of a yoghurt bowl using chocolate collagen.

If you're on the hunt for impactful content creation for your brand, I'd love to chat more about your vision. Feel free to contact me on and let's bring your ideas to life!

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